AscensionJoy Partnership

I am a solo creator and looking for partnership to spread the information to the public people in mass scale.
This is not only about money, wealth but more about help the people to receive more useful information about life that will help them grow and evolve, thus will make the overall society become better.

There are 2 type of partnership I am looking for: reseller and commercial product middle man.
The one that are promoting and “resell” the books, courses, products, services that I am providing at

The commission I willing to give is from 20 to 50%.

Commercial products middle man:
Basically, I will “sell/transfer/share” the “content” my ideas my creations and let the “middle man” package it with beautiful cover and phrase words, then “put/sell” products to the public market at mass scale.
There are a lot of market in many separate nations with diverse language, culture and I also have many different books/courses, so I am looking for more than 1 “commercial middle man”.

The commission I willing to give to this group is from 40 to 50%.

The deal, price, words, cover, how the books going to appear to the public, etc. will be discussed via private communication.

Because it will takes a lot of times to do “marketing” whether just introducing version to the public market. So it is a much better choice to let other entity to do that easy job, while I will have more times to create more unique contents, ideas.

For any request, questions, please contact me .

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy