How To Obtain AscensionJoy Books, Courses

If you want to obtain the books, courses, membership then you must exchange “karma energy” either in form of “money, wealth” or through your works.

The karma energy and requirement for each books, courses are not same so you must read the details in each particular books, courses carefully.

Below is the general method for you to obtain books, courses:

Method 1: Via money, finance donation
Step 1: Read the books/courses you want to obtain carefully, especially the karma requirement.

Step 2: Make donation that meet the minimum requirement.
You can make donation via traditional bank card or the new cryptocurrency.
The wallet information at: .

Step 3: Contact me after you have made the donation.
The content should be like this:
– Tittle of the books/courses.
– How much donation you have made and the transaction ID.
– The way you want to receive the books, courses (example: email or forum or telegram, etc.).

Step 4: Wait and you will receive the books/courses you desire.
The time frame is vary based on case to case from 24 hours to 10 days (including weekend, holidays).
For donation made via bank card: 2-10 days.
For donation made via cryptocurrency: 1-7 days.

The reason is for security checking and I am completely alone and may not online to read your message in time.

Method 2: Free, via works
If you have free time and do not want to make donation but prefer to work, then you can also have that opportunity to do so.

The works may vary but mostly involve in marketing, promoting products, services to the public people.

This is very complicated and based on case to case and on each situation.

For more detail, you can contact me.

You can find my communication contact at

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

Updated as of 01/01/2023

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