Official Ascension Joy Membership

Ascension or evolution is the natural desire of all beings no matter who you are.
This society are lacking of leader and/or club for that special topic matter.

So I have decide to open a brand new ascension club to help whoever want to learn, to grow, to evolve, to be like God.

The content will be wild open but are no mean for ordinary people, some topics like human super power, super ability, fly, teleport, meaning of life, the Universe, etc.

Because it design for smart people who willing to learn new stuffs so the requirement to join the Ascension Joy club is very restricted which is only open via invitation that issued directly by me the legend.

At the beginning all people will have equal rights to join as long as they meet the karma requirement.

Here are the karma requirement table of Ascension Joy Membership:
1 Year: 3650 USD/Euro. (Unlimited slots)
5 Years: 22,000 USD/Euro. (5000 slots)
10 Years: 100,000 USD/Euro. (1000 slots)
20 Years: 260,000 USD/Euro. (100 slots)
50 Years: 1,000,000 USD/Euro. (10 slots)

All the official Ascension Joy membership will receive access to private forum at ,a chat group (telegram or any other chat software), direct phone number of other members (if they chose to reveal).

All members will assist each others but mostly related to ascension, evolution, advice.
The goal is not about making money or influence others like many other groups but only self evolve , self grow in order to understand, to master life on Earth and the Universe.

There won’t be any “orders” or “command”, no any real “boss” who you must obey like any other organizations, all will be equal and freely to “join” or “leave” or to do anything they like.

This special Ascension Joy group will exist till the end of full year membership cycle even if the website is close.

The karma requirement could be changed at any moment depend the situation.

New registration could be closed at anytime.

Feel free to ask, request.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

Update as of January 10th 2023 – 10/01/2023