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The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love
Book: The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love

So I have made a big important decision: I will release the solution and the book for free of charge to all the public people.
But it is not all in one but it will be chapter by chapter.

Date, Time: In the 21-22 January 2023, could be any moment but that is the time frame, will start after next 12 hours.

I am calling all of you come to see and witness the historic moment, also verify for me as the real author and owner of that idea.
It will be read-only book, not allow any entity using my idea, content for whatever purpose for whatever reason.

I will share at my personal website/forum and via some chat app such as keybase and telegram.
The official address you can find out by yourself due to some restriction/censorship.

Here is the content of the book:
Content, Book Using Rules
Chapter 1: Understand The Current World Financial System & Global Conflict In A Correct Way
Chapter 2: Redefine Money, What Is Currency/Money Truly Mean?
Chapter 3: Wonder, Question, Crafting The Solution
Chapter 4: Theory, Possible Policies For The New Global Economic Monetary System
Chapter 5: Which System Is The Best One?
Chapter 6: Implementing The New World Financial System In Real Life

Feel free to send/share this invitation/message to all entity, group as you will.
This is the social life changing book !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha
Due To Personal Reason, The Plan Of Releasing This Sacred Book Is Off

I do not want to do things when I am in sad mood.
I do not want any stupid corrupt beings can take advantage of it so the plan is off.

You can still able to obtain the book through this page:

I will only release the book public when I have direct communication info with the top leaders of 3 biggest nations at this moment: Russia, China, United States. So that I can able to send a copy of the book to them to prevent any stupid bad actors.
Until My Personal Problem Is Gone, No Way For New World Currency System Be Released

I am not going to release and provide any solutions/ideas for free anymore because it does not help me at all.
The apply to everything including the long waiting new world financial system as well !

That is the new world order and the new era will begin, but that is the future (could be next 50 days to 100 days or never).

The plan have changed.
I cannot release this book in my location since it is not safe and the authority here is not good enough.

I will only release this book when I am outside the country (East Laos, South China).

Since this book will be for all nations so only 1 chapter per nation.
So I will visit/travel to minimum 6 nations in total.

But no money to travel and no desire/motivation to write anymore.

Very disappointed !

Just cannot do it while in sad mood.
The book is online for free (only for the one who can unlock it).
Over 200 emails had been sent to all big nations (who in APEC group) and the military.

You guys should able to unlock it.
If you cannot then you must obtain it via big donation.

Best Regard,
The second edition of this book "The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love" will be released soon.
If the first edition I only shared/sent via private email with multi password layers then the 2nd version will be shared public at and

Everybody, all entities will be able to download and obtain it for free, but whether they can "decode" and "pass" the multi password layers or not is another story. In this way, they will obtain with the "talent" but not cash.

Depend on the situation and outcome after, I will publish and put on sales on major selling platform later.

The second version is here. Everybody can download and have equal opportunity to decode/unlock it.
The book will be put on sales after next couple of days depend on the situation.

Ascension Joy
Redefine Currency, What Is Money Truly Mean?
From the book "The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love"
[Image: redefine_currency_money.png]
To summary, the real meaning of currency money are:
- The symbol of cooperation between humans in the Earth planet environment.
- The symbol of trust between humans, nations, groups.
- The “vision leader” or “future navigator” of human/society development, evolution.
- The new representation image of each religion in the world.

Ascension Joy

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