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The Dirty Technology Industry Getting More Corrupt And Stupid
The Dirty Technology Industry Getting More Corrupt And Stupid

The technology industry must reformed quick because they are too corrupt and do not have moral at all.

1. Why all the Operating System (OS) now always force people “auto update” open everytime even when select “disable” option one (both Window and Linux system).
Because they all want to “spy” people, want to collect data of the people !
Even the tech savvy like are sick of that.

2. Many good OS are gone such as Windown XP, Windows 7 have option to allow people disable the “auto connect/update” with the server.
You cannot “forget” the old one.
They can either open source those no longer support or have crowdfund or something like that to have money to maintain it.

3. The ebook market platform are just terrible.
The author will only receive money after 60 to 90 days after the sales, and the commission is from 35% to 65% only, too little too late. Most platform except the Google one who are pay after 15 to 45 days after the sales.

4. Social media platform become the “baby caring” platform.
They are not nature, each sub forum must be separate, you cannot merge all of them into it.
If you cannot defeat the “BOT” then it is better to let real human “fight” with them.

I just cannot share and connect with the public because of “copy paste” post, why?
Most of them are merging all websites into single, and it not how the real world work.
You may see many posts in many websites at the same time, but the normal people DO NOT !

Here in the case of no proxy using what so ever !

Just pure stupid and terrible !

5. Overall the technology industry only care about money, not about the people !
That is what I can describe about them in general.
I am not saying all but at least 99% of them.

Above are just few examples.
I will and may share more in the next coming books (if my mood still have).

Best Regard,
The Savior

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