AscensionJoy’s Donation, Karma Exchange Methods

All payment made via bank card will be added 10-20% fees due to various reasons such as middle man platform, bank card transaction fees, exchange rate, etc. So the best option is through crytpocurrency.

You can make volunteer donation or do karma energy exchange via 2 major methods:
Via Bank Card : no longer available due to personal situation. You can use bank card to obtain cryptocurrency very easily in many online platforms.

Via Cryptocurrency (prefered):
Now I have add some new addtional cryptocurrency wallets where I fully 100% control (not gone through any 3rd party but I deal straight with the cryptocurrency platform):

Bitcoin BTC:

– bc1qn3hqhwsnr69q9mxxakrspfdyyyww3vvdxs7m5c .

– bc1qxhnn6zh8jdq4cs5nuzxh6ut45mqhqfmn5xewva .

Ethereum ETH:

– 0x98D9eB47F22c506B132386E89cb4C8e459020740 .

– 0x726b5cc49E66B4F8E9f74e1C9d6Bdfe4CCc884D6 .

Litecoin LTC:

– ltc1q7y3weduw6rnp2gfef40ke3mlmk3dyjssm40l4j .

– ltc1qy8uj6h4n368ump299eveazwlshfk5l72d64qqy .

BitcoinCash BCH:

– bitcoincash:qp2fxumzkdmhpxcdceyj90mqlzddz82dfszl5wepmm .

– bitcoincash:qqjdzs07w44jggcdxdd9ttm6spzqfkf8d5pky3m7dd .

eCash XEC:

– ecash:qzhcky7y0ty0cvv87f9kq22ewh39xvnxnu0qjfpzru .

– ecash:qrmwga2g0d465zs53952wtav6pzktj95jcr96lsvxe .

For any other methods such as fast money transfer or direct bank account is only available through via private contact.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

Update as of 05/05/2023

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