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Bye, AscensionJoy Project Is Permanent Down From Now

Bye, AscensionJoy Project Is Permanent Down From Now

Email, hosting, domain are permanent down and gone from now.
Even with money, I won’t restore it.

Too many corruption, too many idiots low level beings in this society and civilization, especially from the top entities who with zero moral.

A moral beings know how to accept defeat, how to let others take over the jobs but that does not exist in this current civilization.

I do not even know whether my message, my unique advice solution can even be read, heard or not.

Since it will takes several days at least for others to even read, analyze my solution, strategy, so I will still online for next couple of days more.

But if any of you want to receive permission, license to use my great idea, vision, strategy then you must contact me and meet me in physical in-person. The proof are hand written and my broken English language that are very unique.

Now I still online but the communication method are limited.

I am only using gmail and phone number now (all messenger app such as telegram, line, viber, signal) . And maybe the youtube channel and blogspot (since they are free and do not expired date).

The project AscensionJoy is officially down and permanent gone !

Best Regard,
The Savior
Ascension Joy