Official AscensionJoy Books

All books are self written 100% by only me AscensionJoy.

The karma requirement for each books are different and can be changed at any moment.

The default using rules for all books is 1 copy for 1 person, not allowed to buy/sell/share/trade under any circumstances because I am broken and all books not got supported/subsidy any entities/groups/organizations.

So please respect my hard work and follow the rules, you may get “discount” if you obtain the books for big members in your groups/teams.

List AscensionJoy’s books:
1. “Learn Study Master Money To Have A Better Life”
Karma Requirement: 200 USD/Euro.

2. “The Lord Of Gambling: Winning, Winning, Winning
Karma Requirement: 500 USD/Euro.

3. “120 Practical Advice Will Help You Smarter Stronger Healthier” –
Karma Requirement For “Lite Version”: 300 USD/Euro.
Karma Requirement For “Full Version”: 600 USD/Euro.

4. “Extend Longevity, Live Longer With Common Sense”
Karma Requirement: 700 USD/Euro.

5. “How To Cure All Diseases, Heal Anything In Natural Way” –
Karma Requirement: 800 USD/Euro.

6. “Becoming Sport World Champion With Secret Methods Strategies” –
Karma Requirement: 900 USD/Euro.

7. “Conquer All Religions To Become A Better Person” –
Karma Requirement: 400 USD/Euro.

8. “The Final Global Currency Reset Event Result: Solutions, Possibilities” –
Karma Requirement: 1000 USD/Euro.

9. “Book: The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love”
Karma Requirement: 9900 USD/Euro.

How to obtain AscensionJoy’s books:

All books will come in digital format (.pdf) unless you want the physical paper one (with extra karma requirement).

All the books are only focus on ideas, contents, information because that what is matter the most.

The design, cover of all books will be next to empty since it not a real actual commercial products like the one you seen on many big market/websites.If you have any questions, request you can contact me at anytime.
My communication info can be found at .

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

Updated as of January 21st 2023 – 21/01/2023

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