Book: The Truth Secret Of Spiritual, Occult, Super Ability Power

Book: The Truth Secret Of Spiritual, Occult, Super Ability Power

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The world we are living in are very big, life on Earth which you have known so far is not the only one but there are also the Universe.

Beside the physical world which you can see with your own eye, there is also another a unseen world that exist, affect your life called as the spiritual world.

Since the ancient time on Earth, there are a lot of high level beings many called as super Gods, deities that have many super power, hidden ability such as telepathy, telekinesis, control animals, reading thought, fly, teleport, etc. or just raw power that can destroy many big object which impossible for mortal humans can do.

There are also a lot of difference practices, ritual that humans was performing in order to either gain some advantage or meet their desire or just trying.

What is the truth, the secret of all those things above?
It is depend on each people knowledge, wisdom.

In this book “The Truth Secret Of Spiritual, Occult, Super Ability Power”, I as a very high level beings will answer and give you the information you may need in the most fair way.

Hopefully, this book can help you in positive way and open a new chapter in your life.

Book Content

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Who Can Read, Use This Book?
Book Using Rule, Permission
Author Bodhi Udumbara
Complex Life On Earth, The Universe
The Real Meaning, Purpose Of Ritual, Occult
Why You Should Not Practice Ritual, Magic
Yoga, Meditation
Say No To Kundalini, Chakra
The Dream
Good Practices, Bad Practices
Avoid Traps, Mistakes, Evil Beings Entities
High Level Beings Gods Deities
How To Spot, Detect, See, Meet High Level Beings
Super Power, Hidden Abilities
Locations To See With Your Eyes To Confirm Super Abilities Exist
Spiritual Divine Energy
Good Karma, Bad Karma
How To Cultivate Good Karma, Divine Energy
Wake Up Your Hidden Divine God Power Within
Connecting With The Universe
How To Receive Secret Help Guide From Source Of Life
Control Your Own Destiny
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Best Regard,
Ascension Joy – Bodhi Udumbara

Updated: I forgot to mention that this book “The Truth Secret Of Spiritual, Occult, Super Ability Power” is also a limited time book.
The public version (if I decide to release on mainstream market) will be remove some sensitive information.

In this private limited time book, there will be 2 price structure:
If you obtain this book in the month of April 2023: the price is $200 USD/Euro + any volunteer donation later.
Obtaining the book from May 1st 2023 to May 15th 2023: the price will be $2000 USD/Euro + any volunteer donation later.
After May 15th 2023: not yet decided, but current plan is no longer sell.