Book: The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love

The best modern day book about geopolitics, economy, finance with brand new idea/information that cannot be found elsewhere even in all secret societies/groups or any school/class.

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The world are in great danger, many nations, groups are fighting each other due to the unfair world financial system conflict.

Without a perfect fair solution, this endless fight won’t end till the total complete collapse of this entire civilization.

After spending a lot of days, months and years to analyse, testing, crafting many theories and possible solutions, now I have finally found a perfect one.

So I decide to write this book to share my vision, my solutions for the world economic financial system.

The dominant of the US Dollar/Euro in the international trading market will come to an end.

The one way street policy of the current financial system based on asset backed will end, and it will replace with the new two way street system. The people will get more power, especially the private sector.

All national government will still have full power to control their nation’s society system and will freely printed endless local fiat money if they want without any restriction or limitation.

This book is designed for all people, all entities especially the one in the financial banking industry, economic, business, and government.

This information, the ideas in this book is the one that all nations, all conflicted groups are waiting for.

All the contents in this book is for read-only purpose, not allow to using in real life under any circumstance no matter who you are, what is your group, unless you receive the special permission from me the original author.

Obtain, read this sacred book to know the future, to increase your power knowledge.

Here is the content of the book:
Content, Book Using Rules
Chapter 1: Understand The Current World Financial System & Global Conflict In A Correct Way
Chapter 2: Redefine Money, What Is Currency/Money Truly Mean?
Chapter 3: Wonder, Question, Crafting The Solution
Chapter 4: Theory, Possible Policies For The New Global Economic Monetary System
Chapter 5: Which System Is The Best One?
Chapter 6: Implementing The New World Financial System In Real Life

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy – Bodhi Udumbara

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