About Ascension Joy

I am the legend from many ancient prophecies, the one have special ability to save this society from destruction with safe methods via words, messages, information only.

AscensionJoy is my personal website/project with purpose of helping people to gain more knowledge wisdom information about everything related to real life on planet Earth and the Universe.

The information will be mostly focus on health, wealth and human evolution in general.
The main website at https://ascensionjoy.com will only provide serious important information such as announcement, books, courses, membership, etc.

The forum at https://ascensionjoy.com/forum/ will be more freely with wide range of topic and uncensored words.

Because I am completely self alone without the any secret support from any beings/groups/entities so most of the useful information won’t be free but you must obtain via “karma energy exchange” by yourself either with money/wealth or works.

This website/project will never been transferred to anyone or any entity in the future, no matter what happen.
I will close it when I feel and think it’s time to end.

All suggestions, questions, requests, talk are opened and welcome.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy

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