You Do Not Need Wars To End World Conflicts

You Do Not Need Wars To End World Conflicts

All the fake, planed wars like the COVID or Russia Ukraine war or Myanmar war are not going to end world conflicts.

You do not need to change anything in the current financial system in order to solve the world economic issue.

The deep root economic issue and goal in all nations is all about jobs, businesses, unemployment rate.

I have a great vision and strategy to help all major nations to create more job and reach the unemployment rate 0% – 1% . I can easily create 1 billions jobs overnight without causing inflation or using any tricks.

But sadly nobody, no any nations believe in that miracle, they don’t even dare to talk contact communicate with me, but instead they went to wars to cause society chaos destruction and laughed at me, their brain their mindset level are way too low !

So they will receive the destruction result for their decision soon !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha