This Civilization Have Zero Respect For Me The Real Savior Messiah Buddha 

This Civilization Have Zero Respect For Me The Real Savior Messiah Buddha

This corrupt civilization and especially top elites group, top government and big organization have zero respect for me the real Savior Messiah Buddha.

Since the beginning of my journey with purpose of trying to help all nations in this civilization into the correct path way, I receive zero official communication contact from any national government nor any organizations.

I could not found a single honest online friend but only liars, deceivers, secret agency.

Communication is much more important than money, those who think money can solve anything are still living with animal mindset.
But sadly all national government and secret societies are acting like that.

Even now if you send me millions dollar of money donation, I still would refund all and do not reveal the solution for this society.

There is no law, there is no such thing as Earthly power structure.
Whoever think there is a “structure” which they must obey and follow are either an idiots or beings deceived by others.

When you are need a solution a cure for for any disease, between a new person who have gut to claim “have a cure” vs a famous beings who can only say “not sure, need more time to searching”, which one is the one you should follow, which one will give you more chance to survive?

I as the self claimed Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha,
a real person with human mindset must prepare for both option of real and fake.
A stupid beings only think one way street and prepare for only one outcome.

There is absolutely zero connection and zero real official talk last 5 years.

Is that hard to talk openly via online internet platform?

The top elites groups and all organizations including royal families was, are receiving their final chance to save themselves from the elimination by super Gods super Deities but they just too stupid to realize that.

Do not surprise if you see all top elite people, big families disappeared in near future ! All super Gods and Deities are fully awake and ready to end all !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha