There Is No Reason For Me To Sacrifice Everything To Help You For Free 

There Is No Reason For Me To Sacrifice Everything To Help You For Free

Everybody have it own their ideology about life so do I the real Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha or any other names.

People, group always do things with purpose and benefits no matter how weak or strong, powerful or not, animal or human or gods, that is the eternal rule of life and living in not only planet Earth but the Universe as well.

Do not believe in any false prophets, fortune tellers or any beings entities about the any “dream future” without self thought and work.

If you have access to time travel machine which many secret entities/military are having then you will know that each personal’s future result are always different and not the same in all cases.

I as the real Savior Messiah Buddha as well.
Why I have to share everything (especially my self discovered knowledge wisdom of life) online for free without receive anything in return for my hard works, for all of my money spending?
There is no reason for me to do that anymore for the result already speak last 5 years already speak for it self.

If you want to save yourself, your family, your friends, your group, your nation then instead of waiting, you must try everything and seeking for all possible solution from all entities in the society.

There are a lot of great beings out there who do not want to work or help any groups but only want to live alone a free life without any restriction from any rules.
I do believe that if you can gather the best “self alone” individual on this civilization, then no any current existing secret societies or government can defeat them both in term of physical and spiritual field !

My time have come and from now, I the real Savior Messiah Buddha is not going to share everything online for free anymore especially hidden knowledge wisdom for it not going to “solve” the conflict.
Instead, it is better for me to trade, to exchange, to sell it for interested parties.

Not only that, base on the current situation, I will go offline soon for do not receive any support, no money donation.

Stop believe in any nice angel come out of nowhere and help you for free for every beings have their own purpose (if not money then could be for spiritual power or just for their survival).

Life is very complex so instead of believe in 1 way street, believe in any beings entity, you should think more, your should prepare for all the scenarios so that you can have better chance to find your correct objective.

Stop believe in everything, stop believe in free help.
Nice result only come with your real effort and real actions !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha