The Final Ultimate Endtime And Judgement Days Are Here Now

The Final Ultimate Endtime And Judgement Days Are Here Now

The final end time and judgement days are here.

Nobody, no any entities can escape !

Seeds and sorrow !

All corrupt bad beings will gone, eliminated just like animals.

All of you who was, are either attack me direct or indirectly will go to hell.

Instead of seeking for a new better future, you guys gals attacked the King of Kings, the only Savior of this timeline in this civilization.
They are lucky because I did not aware and take it serious, they are lucky because I chose not to active super power super abilities but try to find the working macro solution for the mass public people instead.

The big revenge is coming !

The outdated conflicts, chaos would not even exist in 2023 but should have been gone in 2020-2021 already.

Here I am not favor of stupid weapon war like tanks planes nuclear but prefer to see the new intelligence war of economy, jobs, businesses, knowledge, wisdom, etc.

The idiots won’t able to understand what I am talking about for them only “power, strength” can speak.
They do not even know using money, wealth to buy, to seek working solution then you can understand how stupid they are !

It is the time for all super Gods, super Deities wake up and interfere in this civilization already if they either want to save themselves or want to see new interesting game of life under the management of the best player/beings in the Universe.

If those top mortal humans group such as the royal families, national governments, referee group do not want to talk, to receive help from the real Savior then I have no reason to do so.

It is much better and easier for me to do business directly with super Gods, super Deities.

From now there won’t be more talk but only actions.

Welcome to the real final ultimate endtime and judgement days !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha