The Correct Solution To End Currency War Must Be Reduce Unemployment Rate Below 1% 

The Correct Solution To End Currency War Must Be Reduce Unemployment Rate Below 1%

Low level people was, are blaming currency exchange rate for their unemployment rate.
But high level people like me do not think so.

What if the unemployment rate in China, USA, Russia all below 1%?
Then you do not have the currency war or any fake planed war like what is happening like now.

Because when your unemployment rate below 1% then do you no need to care what is the “international currency” for international trading for at the end of the day it is about jobs for the people but nothing else (from the view point of national government).

There are too many idiots and useless eaters leaders in this society.
They have created any stupid goal and agenda but the most important one the job they did not create !

What is the point of “neutral carbon” in 2030 or 2040?

Why don’t they create a goal about job such as “under 1% unemployment rate” in all nations ?!

Maybe my mindset and my thinking are too ambitious or too high that is why instead of giving me a chance they laughed at me and call me as a troll.

But the truth is that no matter what kind of war, the final goal of all national government is always a same which is creating more new jobs, new businesses => the unemployment rate as low as possible.
All other things are not important and are just illusion statistics !

I do have great strategy and great solution for the goal “under 1% unemployment rate” but then you guys gals will say me are “buffing” or “trolling” instead of giving me a chance to prove myself.

I did not even asking donation/money in advanced but just a real talk but still nobody, no any entity dare to talk to me.

Bunch of idiots useless eater leaders !

The destruction is coming and will appear more clearly day by day for ignoring me.

It is either reduce unemployment rate below 1% or total destruction.
I do have a great vision, solution, strategy to make that dream become reality but I am not going to reveal it online anymore for I did not receive any donation in time at all.

Now I only wait and give final opportunity to the military group and referee group Deities Gods !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
The Lord Of Lords
The King Of Kings