Reasons I The Savior Messiah Buddha Cannot Reveal World Solution For Free

Reasons I The Savior Messiah Buddha Cannot Reveal World Solution For Free

Life is a complex and very complicated.
There are good and evil beings entities that exist at the same time in reality, from the low to high level, there are galore and many.

Many of you only think about one way street of “the good” will appear and help everything for free of charge but do not know about law of karma, law of energy in life.

The real reasons I as the Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha whatever name cannot reveal world solution for free are:
– I must follow law of karma, law of energy.
Before I was shared a lot of things for free of charged already but receive very little in return but only sad result.

– There are too many corrupt beings entities who was and are taking advantage of my knowledge wisdom to deceive others.
Can you imagine of a group with slogan of “prevent apocalypse” but just blocking me from explaining educating other people about law of energy and basic rule of life and do not follow their own rules of banning user attacking others. I do not want to explain and talk more about that corrupt group but just an example to show you there are too many corrupt beings entities out there.

– I need money for equipment and travel expense.
As the situation and timeline have changed, I no longer want to reveal anything significant in my current living place but I want to reveal sacred information world solution in a spectacular way to avoid all bad actors.

– Want to see whether this civilization ready to receive the blessing and new knowledge wisdom or not.
There are too many layers in life. Now I doubt all the top beings such as the King the Queen even know my existence yet, I do not know whether they was informed about my case or not. But most likely they are current being either blocked or deceived by their servants.
Which mean even I reveal worthy value information for this world, I won’t receive any credit or maybe the world situation even got worse !

For all of that reasons combine, I just cannot reveal more world solution for free in my current situation.
I have already gave out hints and many small information for free already, if you are really smart beings then you should able to decode that.

The amount that I am looking and seeking for are just 4-5 digit number (thousands USD/Euro) which most people who truly want world peace, world solution can make donation to support me cover the expense, not any big amount at all.

Very few people, few beings can understand and accept my words for there are too many useless eaters with animal mind set in this civilization who only want everything for free but do not willing to open to receive new knowledge wisdom in life.

The worse case is top referee group will intervene with even more destructive orders after I chose completely stay out of this current game of life until my desire motivation comeback.

I am just giving the very last opportunity to all beings entities in the most fair way.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

P/S: To be honest, even if I receive money donation and have enough money to cover the expense, there is still a chance for me to refund and stop all, cancel my plan if my emotion, my feeling, my situation do not feel right.