Only Through Real Competition, You May Know Who Is Real Messiah & Solution For The Society

Only Through Real Competition, You May Know Who Is Real Messiah & Solution For The Society

If you want to find any working solution or the information you are looking for, the best way is through real life competition.

The truth is that even if Jesus or Gautama Buddha or Lord Shiva or Lao Tzu or any high level legend beings appear in front of you, there is absolutely no way for you to “detect” and “recognize” if your level are too low.

The truth is that those who are still awaiting for the Messiah appear out of nowhere are the one with animal mindset.

Your nation is dying, your society is collapsing but instead of seeking any potential working solution in all the possible ways, all you are doing is just either stay still wait for miracle or listen, believe in any shamans, spiritual fortune tellers.

At the end of the day, it is always about “objective, goal”, all other things are just the illusion and meaningless.

Assuming a beings like Messiah appear, how you going to recognize him and more importantly, what you can learn from him/her?
Well that is a very complicated and complex question you probably will never thing about.
For you are still living with animal mindset of waiting higher level beings to “copy, remember” like kids in school.

The real Messiah is the one who able to truly help this society and able to “convene” most nations but only if you giving him/her opportunity to show his/her power.
Even I as a self claimed Messiah, there is absolutely no way for me to show my full power if I got blocking from contacting with the top royal families/military or lack of desire motivation.

There are a lot of conflicts in this society, why don’t just hold any public competition to seek any new working solution ?

If I already active super ability super power like many old Gods then I will able to detect gold, gemstone, etc.
Thus there is no reason for me to help the rest of of you.

But stupid beings entities who with mindset of animal only want to meet people with super power super ability and only believe in that entity.

Ask yourself, what is the “motivation” they may have when even talk/help to you?

Life is all about desire and motivation.
That is why many high level beings called as Gods, Deities do not want to touch, to play with mortal human in this civilization.

Even holding any competition only increase chance of finding the goal, objective, not a guaranteed successful but it still better than 0% chance.

Or you guys want to see more destructive, more collapsed cities nations, want to see real nuclear war break out.

Well there is a small possibility some entities with that desire are exist in this civilization.

The truth is some lying beings, entities who was, are deceiving others do not want face the truth, do not want to face the higher level beings in real life competition for whatever reasons from losing power of control over others to fear of their old corrupt activities being exposed, etc.

Such a very complex society and civilization.

In summary, if you really want to either know who is the real Messiah or any potential working solution to end current world conflicts then holding big public competition with enormous reward is a way to increase the successful rate.

Best Regard,
The Lord Of Lords
The King Of Kings
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha