Make Donation Quick If You Truly Want To Save Your Life, Your Family, Your Nation

Make Donation Quick If You Truly Want To Save Your Life, Your Family, Your Nation

Only me the real Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Saoshyant whatever name have enough power, talent and ability to end all current world conflicts, to make all nations must to back down, to open new era on this civilization.

But life is always a two way street.

If there is a graph chart about my activity on the internet last 5 years or so, you will realize that my will power, motivation has lost significantly: from sharing all of my knowledge wisdom (at the writing time) for free without even asking for any donation to the period of seeking donation and to know only want a fair trade in exchange for my knowledge wisdom.

It been a great solo journey since I do not receive any real help or support from any beings, entities especially the top government or any secret societies, organizations.
That is also the reason why it took so long for me to truly understand and have full picture of this society, thus the working solution for this entire civilization.

One big factor make that journey take too much time is that many corrupt beings, entities was and are still attacking me both physical and spiritually, both direct and indirect way.
And it not only misleading me but also many other entities as well since almost all the “detection, method” was, are not going to work.

My personal energy field are full of negative.

Each people have it own goal of life, so as me.
In this mortal realm, I have done everything and do almost all the interesting thing stuffs from making money in all major methods to have my own business both local and international, pay tax to local authorities, to legally doge tax like the ultra super rich people, to teach educate others like teacher, etc.

And now the hardest challenge of this civilization the real working solution to end old and current on-going world conflicts and the game of life was secret setup by super Gods, super Deities from about 10,000 years ago.
I have finish all the challenge and able to find the correct answer.

But due to various things, especially my super bad emotion feeling, I am unable to write, to publish, to share with you that wisdom, vision for the world peace (with my current situation).

Why I have to share it for free and let other to steal, to take advantage of it?
Why I have to save your life, your family, your nation for free?
There is absolutely no reason for me to do it !

You must save yourself !

Even I as the real Savior or you can me called me as a real living Gods or the super high level person, I still need follow law of karma, law of energy in the Universe, thus I am not going to “disrupt” your life, I can only help you if you truly show your desire, your request via your real action toward me.

Because I got attacked very heavily and cannot waiting all of you.
So I have decide to raise my vibration, active my full power ability for self protection, to eliminate others who have attacked me.

Which mean I also not going to able to support and share my sacred vision, wisdom to help the rest of this civilization after I fully disconnect the internet.

Since my moral are too high, that is why I always giving out warnings and opportunity to others before any significant event occur.

You can still have opportunity to save yourself, save your family, save your nations by sending me donation support so that I may use that money to release the sacred information to end all current world conflict (especially about the world economic system).

Due to sensitive information, I just cannot share any more information about how I will going to force all nations to back up and must listen, follow my order, command but I can reveal it is about the world economic at most !

For only the “economy” issue is root of all human management and human development evolution.

You will gain the hidden power by knowing that sacred information for sure.

I do not have much time left.
All I can wait you, this civilization is the next 3 days from now till 09-09-2023.

You can treat it like a trade if you will, you will receive the “insider information” for the future world economy (you can use that information to get rich by playing stock for example).

You can send me support, make donation to me via either cryptocurrency or bank transfer (including fast money transfer).
For Cryptocurrency:
Bitcoin BTC:
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Ethereum ETH:
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Litecoin LTC:
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BitcoinCash BCH:
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eCash XEC:
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For Bank Transfer: contact me directly to receiving bank account information or personal information for fast money transfer.

All of my contact information is open and will available for the next 3 days including phone number or email or instant messenger apps.

Send me all the support you can and treat it like a trade to either helping you to get rich or to have a better future or just increase your hidden power of life.

I need the money to cover equipment, travel expense and use it like a trading material in exchange for my work to help this society.

It is not really about money but it is more about connection, friendship in life.

I can guaranteed you won’t able to meet any more powerful beings that can help me directly via direct talk, direct conversation like me in the future.

This is the best I can do for this civilization. Now it totally up to the rest.
There is nothing more I can do, my personal situation, personal feeling emotion just do not let me to do more. I hope you can understand that.
I am just a super high level beings/player but nothing else.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Saoshyant Whatever Name
The Lord Of Lords
The King Of Kings