It Is Either A Full Fair World Solution Releasing Or Nothing

It Is Either A Full Fair World Solution Releasing Or Nothing

I do not want anybody, any entities take advantage of my works for whatever purpose, reason.

There are many different beings, entities with different ideology about life.
Here I am not only talk about mortal human group but about the Gods group.

There are Gods like technology, machine but there are also other Gods hate it.

There are Gods only want to see, witness via direct way but there are also other Gods want to via indirectly way.

The list of “taste” and “method” are endless.

Thus the only way for me to make sure all are equal and fair is via a full fair releasing of sacred world solution information.

Those sacred information I never share before so any beings can truly know what exactly is that.

It is not about money for the money I am seeking are just thousands only.

There is absolutely no reason for me to “lie” just for little money when I can easily make that amount of money via either selling book or guide, tutorial or any other activities.

It helps me to verify and confirm what is going on in this cyber world and in this civilization overall.

When nobody, no entities want to send me any support to end world conflict and enter new era which mean the corruption of this civilization are just way too much to the point all kind of talk, words, message, education are pointless, meaningless.

Thus the only working method are actions and heavy punishment.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha