If No Entity Want To End World Conflicts Then I The Messiah Have No Business Left

If No Entity Want To End World Conflicts Then I The Messiah Have No Business Left

So my conclusion now is no any entity in this civilization (especially to elite group) truly want to end the current world conflict for whatever reasons.

I am willing to reveal the world solution for current world conflicts between nations for free as long as I make sure that information can be sent/forwarded to the national governments worldwide, royal families, royal military, the referee group.
But no any entities can help me for that easy job because they was being blocked by some corrupt beings, entities.

That is the option 1.

The option 2 is I will live stream that information releasing in a public location where people can come to witness, to verify.
That option only require some thousands USD/Euro to cover the equipment and travel expense.
But again no any entities willing to support to make donation to me as well.

I did not ask for any big money millions dollar euro upfront but just a fair condition so no any entities can stealing my works because I know I will receive endless money for my strategy, my vision from the real royal families and top national governments.

If both option 2 are not possible then I the real Messiah Buddha have no business left in this society this civilization for there are too many corrupt beings entities with animal mindset in the elite group and in the human management department.

It must be “cleaned up” by divine forces.

I must leave the cyber world now for the technology teams/groups/nations do not want a new fair interesting life but only want to “enslave” and take advantage of others (they only have moral below animals with animal mindset).

I the real Messiah Buddha will disappear, disconnect with the cyber world completely from the next week so the divine forces can come in and remove all the corrupt beings entities (especially the elite group) in this planet Earth.

They have received enough opportunity to save themselves and the society already but refused to act, thus will be gone like animals !

I will take next couple of days to remove any trace online and to decide various other things.

I only receive request, communication contact or donation if that come from top national government, royal families, royal military or top referee group or very special high level entities in this meantime.

I no longer have desire motivation to talk anymore since the rest of this civilization do not want to.

They want the Messiah come to help but refused to talk, to connect, to compete, to help, etc.

I may or may not make my final official farewell statement (not really important).

The destruction time will come very soon, there will be many worse events than all the on going conflicts after my final departure.

Best Regard,
The King Of Kings
The Lord Of Lords

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha