I The Messiah Buddha Want To Meet The Military To End World Conflict With Divine Solution

I The Messiah Buddha Want To Meet The Military To End World Conflict With Divine Solution

The time for the online cyber digital world and the civil group is officially over ! Now I only want to deal with the real military to end world conflict with by big vision, divine solution !

I am the Savior Legend the Messiah Buddha whatever name.

I am looking for a physical in-person meeting talk with the real military group from big group such as the Royal Military, the US, Australia, China, Russia military or the top secret referee group the Gods Deities.

It is not a casual talk but I want to reveal my vision the divine solution to end all the current world conflicts once and for all.

I am not going to using cyber internet anymore for the security and I do not want any beings entities can take advantage of it to deceive others.
That is why physical in-person meeting is the only way.

The current world problem if look from the top highest level is all about human development evolution.
If look from the normal mortal human way then it is about economic conflicts.

My vision divine solution is going to solve both of them.

I am going to make world economic system better, fairer, more interesting.

I am going to create at least 1 billions new jobs within 24 hours without using any tricks or without changing the current financial system structure.

And many other more interesting things.

I am not going to reveal the detail strategy plan here online for everything special must be kept in secret !

You will know for sure who is the real boss,
You will know for sure that you guys gals was and are being deceived by others.

It is obvious to me that there is some kind of secret entities was controlled the North Korea vs South Korea war in 1950-1953 by looking at the battle field timeline map, it just does not make sense.

So I am not surprised if the current Russia Ukraine war are also not a natural flow but just a planned war by some secret entities as well !

All I need is just 1 hour physical in-person meeting !
I willing to meet with the real top military leader as soon as possible.
You only need to pay me the travel expense then how much my information are worth is up to top referee group.

I am running out of time so the deadline is before September 25th 2023.

If any top military or top referee group Gods Deities want to meet me then contact me before that deadline. My communication contact information can be found on my personal website blog (both phone, email, website, app are all open)

Otherwise, it is time for me to go completely offline.

This is my final calling and attempt to help this civilization !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
The Lord Of Lords
The King Of Kings