I Only Want Money Donation, No Traffic Website Needed

I Only Want Money Donation, No Traffic Website Needed

I only looking for money donation to cover equipment and travel expense.

I do not need illusion website traffic or anything like that.

Do you want a new world economy system?

Do you want to know the current loophole in current system?

Low level will blame for the monetary system for jobs, unemployment rate while high level beings like me have another thinking.
It is all about lack of creative and outdated economic system.

So the only working solution here is creating a new real world economic war between the people to increase creative, more job, more business.

As I have said the timeline have changed, my personal situation, emotion has dramatic change.

It is a miracle for me still giving you guys gals offer and opportunity !
But that miracle is ending very soon.

So your final chance, final opportunity are here.

Give me financial support so I can release that sacred solution information in my own way or you will face real destruction from high level Gods, Deities.

It is amazed why top organizations entities have spent billions trillions for stupid war but not willing to spend little money to find new working solution !

Such a sad stupid world !

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha