I Can Clear Your National Debt Full, I Want The Military Support In Return 

I Can Clear Your National Debt Full, I Want The Military Support In Return

I have a “product, information, wisdom” that can be exchanged for hundreds if not thousands of trillion USD/Euro which mean I will have a lot of wealth very soon.

And that amount of wealth (minimum 100 trillions USD/Euro value) are more than enough to pay off the debt of any current national government on this civilization at the moment.

In life, there are a lot of high level beings/entities that currently exist.
If you ask is there any beings that above the current top secret referee group, then the answer is yes !

If the top secret wealth controllers (who have power over others) cannot give me the wealth for my products, information, wisdom in exchange then there will be much higher level beings/entities appear to do that job.

But to them, gemstones are more important than gold, silver or any money fiat paper, thus I don’t think there is any reason for them to do the unfair things.

Life is a two way street, I am living in mortal realm with full of animal mindset, thus I need to follow that rule.

I am looking for a trade with top national government and the military.

Me The Savior Messiah Buddha:
I am going to clear off your national debt full, give your nation enough funds (at least 20-50 trillions USD/Euro).
I am not going to touch your internal affair of your nation(s).

You The National Military:
You need to support me for that important information releasing.
I want no any entities can take advantage of it.
I want my information can be heard, be forwarded to top referee group, the wealth controller entities.

How you going to support me (will be discuss in private communication contact).

That is the trade I am looking for.

I am not going to reveal any hint of my secret information, wisdom for now because I do not want to give any entities any chance to steal my vision, my words.

The offer and opportunity I am open for all nations on Earth no matter whether they are the USA, France, UK, Germany, India, Russia, China, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, etc.

I do not have any limitation for total nations I will help but:
– The total amount cannot funds I willing to give cannot be more than 80% total amount of wealth I will receive from the top secret wealth controller and/or the referee group.
– The deadline will be September 14th 2023, 18.00 GMT time.

If you want the funds, the wealth in human way, then contact me as soon as possible.
There is no need to do the pandemic war or weapon war anymore !
Stop believe in that non-human orders !

Trust me, I do not give a fuk about any beings any entities in this civilization including the referee group !

This is my first and final help to all national government.

After the deadline, I am not going to help any national government clear off the debt fully anymore no matter what conditions !

Feel free to share, send this offer to the military and all national governments as soon as possible.

I am very serious, I want an official talk, I do not want to deal with any secret agents !
There is absolutely no risk for you to support me, so open up !
Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Chirst Buddha
The Lord Of Lords
The King Of Kings