Having A Tough Time To Decide How To Release The World Cure Solution 

Having A Tough Time To Decide How To Release The World Cure Solution

After having all the important puzzle and found all the working solution for this mortal realm in this world, now I am having a very tough time to decide how to release that sacred information, the world cure solution to end all the old and current on going conflicts between nations, groups.

When I ask people for donation in exchange the releasing, too many animal mindset in human forms told me “release it for free and online and do not even want to reveal their identification” and even attacking me, what a bunch of scum !

Go and ask lawyers or teachers work and teach you for free, all they did only sharing information only.

Do they know how much money, time, energy I have spent for the research, how many “pain” i have suffered during the time.
And instead of asking or trying to trade, all they want is free information.

A real human would never do that but instead a real human who truly interested in the information would approach and try to trade in a fair way.

The only reason can explain for that behaviors is they are trying to either stealing my works and/or take advantage of me for their own gain.

But I as the real Savior and the best player know what is going on.

Now frankly, I do not even sure how to release the world cure solution to this society.
– Via the public or private.
– Via online or offline.
– To what entities? To the all public people or national government, royal families, royal military, top referee group or even above all those entities.
– Writing, sharing in what country/nation(s)?

– Or just completely went offline, stay out of the current stupid affair and wait for other opportunity, other timeline ?

How to make sure my information can go to all top national government official, royal families/military and top referee in pure form?
Whether they agree, accept and implement is another story which I do not care. All I want is just my information can go to them directly in the raw form without any stealing, cheating.

I still no sure yet since there are too many corrupt bad low level beings/entities in this society.

There are too many low level humans with animal behavior.

I could not found a single person online that I think is a good person due to the censorship.
Many of them are preventing me connect with the rest of this society but only promoting animal lifestyle, behavior.

There is only law of karma, law of energy, law of survival in life.
It is amazed to see people talk about so called “Earth power structure” and follow that order like animals.

It is stupid to see many groups, nations are about to collapsed but still do not show any desire to seeking any new working solution !

All that complex reason together make no absolutely no sense for me to continue to share everything online for that not going to help this civilization at all.

Maybe it is time for the final battle with forces instead.

I do not sure yet, will take some time more to think and decide.

But for now and the future, there is zero chance for me to reveal world solution for free online.

Send me your idea, your support, your thought, your suggestion about this situation if you want.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha