Useless Leaders Administrators Are Causing Massive Society Civilization Chaos

Useless Leaders Administrators Are Causing Massive Society Civilization Chaos

If you are want a entity to blame for the current massive chaos in the society civilization then that entity must be the useless stupid low level leaders administrators !

The reason is that they are failed to create new creative living environment for the people, they are failed to create working solution.

You already have weapon war in WW1 WW2 and even nuclear weapon was used in Japan already.

Which mean if you are still using that old method in the modern day as of 2020s then you are just not a great leader, not worthy to lead others anymore !

It is big, massive, ugly if you looking at the current situation in CIS region and could be soon in Africa, Asia as well. And before that is the COVID pandemic.

The useless leaders, administrators here I mean all beings entities who are directly involved in the current battle, who are the leaders of many other much lower people. That including beings who have super power, super abilities as well too !

It is just a waste of time to talk for they just don’t want to listen to new idea, they do not want to admit their mistake !!!

If you want to blaming non-human reason then it could be various causes such as:
– The natural resources war, the outdated international financial system. (For causal public people level)
– Lack of new human development tools gears, living environment. (For higher level entities)
– Fail to recognize, support me the real Living Buddha Messiah. (For super high level level beings)
– Blind follow ancient prophecies for whatever reason.
– Lack of purpose living thus only want to causing war chaos conflict.

The current war chaos in this civilization will only get worse by the time UNLESS a miracle appear.

And that miracle is me using all of my full unlocked strength, abilities to giving all necessary knowledge wisdom => the direction of living, new solution for everything where both “dark” and “light” still exist.

But since I do not receive either massive donation or direct contact communication I was looking for, thus I have no desire nor motivation to do, to talk alone online anymore.

I have made my mind and my decision of leaving, disconnecting with this civilization for could not found any motivation anymore.

Best Regard,
The Living Buddha Messiah