The Only Way To Completely End Ukraine War, Pandemic Is Support Me The Living Buddha Messiah 

The Only Way To Completely End Ukraine War, Pandemic Is Support Me The Living Buddha Messiah

The truth is all the COVID pandemic or Ukraine war is just the public display for low level beings entities only.Mortal humans beings like all the current players in all governments just cannot solve the current world conflicts because they are super complicated and contain all kind of subject in life especially 2 matters: human development evolution and environment, natural resources.

And in each that category, there are also other small problem as well such as in human development evolution: you have “personal individual” and “group, society”.

With the environment, natural resources: you have natural Gods, super deities and the global financial system and battle about natural resources between mortal humans group.

Overall it is super complicated with a lot of issues.

Let’s take a look and analyze the situation:
– After the COVID pandemic, you have the Ukraine war.

When the Ukraine war appear the COVID issue was “reduced” in many nations but still exist !

Based on the world development and my understanding then after the Ukraine war, you will have war in Africa, Asia !

Because that is the way is it !
If COVID pandemic affect all nation then the Ukraine war only affect the white race.
Why the white race first?
Because they do not have rich natural resources like the Africa and Asia (the black race and yellow race).

But that does not mean the Africa and Asia can escape the world chaos.
They are just be given some extra time only !
But by who?

By top secret controllers group.
That group in my opinion have some kind of super power, super ability and make decision based on certain things that beyond all normal human beings can understand and comprehend !

All the current global war only end either you found the working solution that get accepted by that group or natural mega disaster appear that cause many casualties like the many ancient floods in old book.

As I have said from the very beginning, I have enough power and abilities to solve the current world conflict.

Do you know why I have not yet reveal everything and show my true power yet?
Because I did not receive enough karma and connection from the rest of this civilization (I have not received the amount money I am looking for or any direct request from any official government authorities)!

Not only that I got attacked by some corrupt beings entities both online and offline, both direct and indirect way. Thus interrupt my personal mood and personal energy field.

Without my vision, my strategy, you guys cannot end the current world conflict in peace !

I am very confident about that statement !

Just give me either enough money and/or connection then I will help you guys while I still have some desire left.

If there is a competition with big reward prize then I would probably compete if it was few years ago when I still motivated.
But now I do not have at all too.

I am not chasing for money.
I am writing this post not because I want to receive money for free.

But I just want a fair trade: you guys send me money, wealth and I send you guys the working solution to end the current world conflict.

And I do not take any money if I cannot send you the working solution to end the current world conflict (the pandemic, the Ukraine war, etc.)

Which mean “if my solution do not working, then I do not receiving anything”.

My time, my patience is running out so if you guys truly want to end the current world conflict via creative solution strategy then you guys can contact me as soon as possible.

If you guys under some kind of restrictions that do not allowed you to contact me then you guys must send me enough donation (but I do not prefer this way but still willing to do).
How much is enough?
Well I do not have any specific number.

It is not about money but it is about law of karma and fair trade !

If you guys just want some hints and some keywords, then I will give you if receive certain amount of donation from you guys !

I will offline and disconnect with this civilization soon.
So be quick and be smart !

Best Regard,
The Living Buddha Messiah