The Know Do Not Talk, The Talk Do Not Know !

The Know Do Not Talk, The Talk Do Not Know !

Depend on the level of your own character lead to different understanding.

But above words are not new wisdom but a very old one.

The people who truly know, understand how life work/operating usually do not talk much but they prefer to act because they do not able to find much desire/motivation to talk anymore.

Just like it is pointless to talk, to reveal any working solution to end world conflict in the public scene to become any heroes.
For they knew that becoming “Heroes” are not worth it.

You will only see stupid low level people beings entities talk for they have no clue what life is !

The higher level beings, the less they talk but their words are much more value than the talkative one.

If you wonder where to find people with high wisdom like Lao Tzu, Gautama Buddha to talk, to discuss, to learn in modern day, the only answer it is just impossible even if you willing to pay endless money, wealth !

Even now, if you want to meet to talk with me, I would declined even if you willing to pay billions trillions, I only accept meeting with beings if I like and have any desire/motivation.

Best Regard,
The Living Buddha Messiah