Stock Market Will Collapse, Big Companies Will Either Gone Or Lost Minimum 70-80% Value 

Stock Market Will Collapse, Big Companies Will Either Gone Or Lost Minimum 70-80% Value

All big companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google, KFC, Mc Donal, Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc. will either fully gone, vanished or lost at least 70-80% value.

Sound impossible?
But that is the reality.

Do you want to see more stupid crazy hidden war like the pandemic or the weapon war like in Ukraine Russia, Africa, Myanmar, etc.?

You can only close a war with a war, there is no other choice.

If you want a non-weapon war then there is only one kind of war remaining: the intelligence war, the economic war !

Of course it is nearly impossible for you to believe that one day the Apple or Samsung smart phone company can gone vanished for that is the “standard” and get accepted by the mass public people in this society.

But a real economic war will force that occur and happen 100% !

It is not only about the economy but more about human development evolution. The economy is just the “tool” in this case.

If you ask me, how to wake up the sleepy useless eaters to instead of living like animal to become more human then it must be economy, money !

The super high level beings entities will understand what I am talking about, only the low level beings won’t.

All the stock market will collapse, big companies in all nations will either gone or lost most of their value !

Welcome to a new real intelligence economy war !

Because today is the deadline already but I still not yet receive any contact communication or donation so I can only give you a hint of the beautiful future but unable to share with you all of my full vision of a God.

For there is only one road, one solution to end the current global conflict in peace mode, you cannot find a second working solution that can get accepted by the top referee group.

That only working solution is already fixed many thousands years ago !
I am just the one who was born in this timeline era and allowed to decode it.

Super high level entities will understand my true power with above words while low level will only laugh.

New era will only truly begin with my vision, my idea, my strategy.
Or it will be mega disaster everywhere on Earth !

The King of the Kings.
The Lord of the Lords.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha