Sail Through Game Of Life In Easy Way

Sail Through Game Of Life In Easy Way

So I was received a small amount of donation but still zero direct talk, thus not enough for me to write the life changing book to education the public about how the game of life it is. That amount of money is just way too small, not enough for me to use my full strength and wake up, change the direction of my decision.

But I still share some wisdom here about how individual person can sail through game of life.

There are many different “games” and “maps” in life, from the “past” to the “future”, from this planet to that planet, from “low level” to “high level”.

It is very complicated and impossible for to share everything I know without knowing the “target” specified audience.

Each audience have their own “language” such as through geography such as English, Chinese, Russian, German, etc. or industries such as science, agriculture, sport, technology, etc. or through the weather location such as hot sunny, cold snow or moderate in between, etc.

If you do not know the target audience language, then it will be just a waste of time to write !

For the general audience,
Life is complex and complicated, if you want to truly control your life then here is my advice:
Most of people on the current society are facing a hidden common enemy call as the “ultimate source of life”.
And the only way to defeat is not to “destroy” but to truly fully understand it.

The only way to understand is truly control yourself alone.
The reason is because “remember”, “follow” others (no matter who they are) is not the “designed” purpose and not the real human identity.

Most the people in the current society civilization still only have the low level mindset similar to animal mindset which is only know to “remember, follow” others, they do not know to analyze stuffs and create new things.

There are only 2 type of problems in life: the individual problem and the macro problem such as nation issue, international wars.

If you are not to be born in royal family or big family then it is not worthy for you to care about the big society problem unless you already able to fully control yourself (fully enlightenment).

As I have said it is extremely difficult without knowing the “language” of the audience.
Where to start? Not a clue !

If you want to truly control yourself, the only way is think about the sad future awaiting you so you can have courage and motivation to stop your daily job to seeking new path of life.

The “sad” future here you can foresee by looking at the old people like your grand parents or any old people in the society who are slowly dying.
That is the “destiny” awaiting you UNLESS you chose to change your own direction of living.

What are the new direction you should do?

Take a big break time of couple of years. Minimum 1 year without caring about anything in life.

You should stop work for all companies, do not sign any contract.

Not only that, you should shutdown all the connection with the rest of society to stop all kind of “chaos” energy connection to you including social media account, bank account, mobile phone, etc.

When your mind are less worry about life, then you should “upgrade” your mindset by think more, question more about yourself and the society in general.

There are many useful questions awaiting you to find the answer by yourself such as:
– Why people age?
– Why people suffering?
– What are the disease?
– How to never worry about personal health?
– How to truly control your own self?
– When this civilization began? (How many years before?).
Think back about that old days to have the full picture of current chaos society.

Above questions are simple but a must for all people.
I can write many more great question but in this scope of a quick article, it is not worthy.

You can still able to use technology to find all kind necessary information to find any necessary materials (if you do not yet have).

It is very easy for me to answer all those questions by myself but revealing to force others to remember is not the “way of life” for each individual people have it own “secret code” which nobody can “decode” but only that individual self.

Only by finding the answer by yourself, you can “upgrade” your level of own mindset naturally.

You must to learn, to remember that “memorize” and “follow” others won’t lead you to fully awake, enlightenment fully for it go against “law of existence” for humans.
Those “memorize”, “follow” others only for animal mindset !

That is !
It is not a long article but a great new direction for you to do.

There are not any single beings that able to control the entire Universe !
There are many “Buddha” beings in life.
Do not fear of me trying to control you with those words for nobody can truly control the destiny of you (but only you and your action).

I could write a 200+ pages book about the topic of individual personal human ascension evolution but I do not found any motivation nor desire to do it.

I and many other high level beings do not owe you anything, there is no such thing as “duty” to do this or to do that to help others or civilization.

I was not born in any royal family or big family, thus I do not have any duty to help others !

I hope this article can help some people who lucky to read my words.

It is about desire and motivation at most !

Best Regard,
The Living Buddha Messiah