Only My Messiah’s Ingredients Can End The COVID Pandemic, Weapon War

Only My Messiah’s Ingredients Can End The COVID Pandemic, Weapon War

I was so freaking close to find out the only working cure for current world chaos!

I have accidently revealed all the necessary ingredients to end the COVID Pandemic, the weapon war such as Ukraine Russia war before in my previous attempts.

It is just the way I “cooked” and “mixed” are not yet correct only.

Now after finally found that perfect “dish” (cure solution), I have that conclusion.

I am not going to reveal detail information of what the “ingredients” but just share quick “code” information only.

But one thing for sure is:
– The COVID pandemic, Ukraine Russia war are the new issue.
– The North Korea vs South Korea, China vs Taiwan, Israel vs Palestine, etc. are the old issue.
They are related but not in the same page.
The new issue are the global issue while the old issue are just the regional issue.

Therefore the working cure for both are not the same !

If you really want to end the COVID pandemic, Russia Ukraine war, etc. then you MUST 100% need to use my ingredients, there is no other choice for that is the only way !

Even if some high level gods/deitites entities which likely gave out orders, but is always about human development evolution !

I am not trying to sell anything, I do not want free money for nothing, I just want a fair trade, I just want to exchange my hard work for money !

If you want to trade with me, then either contact me or send me big donation !

Best Regard,
The Living Buddha Messiah