My Cure Solution Book To End Current Global Wars Are Above The Bible, Quran

My Cure Solution Book To End Current Global Wars Are Above The Bible, Quran

If you want to know the truth of the current global war such as the pandemic, weapon war in the Ukraine, Russia, Myanmar, Niger, etc. then I can tell you that is involved with many high level beings above all the public leaders in government and above all the secret societies as well !

I am holding the cure solution book/document to end the current global war that is super important and it is above the level of the Bible, Quran.

Above level of Bible, Quran, for real?
If you have access, connection with the very top entities, you can ask them to verify that statement (but only very few above mortal humans can truly understand what I am talking about).

It is the real 7th seal !
It will affect people in all locations on Earth in positive way.
It will open a new chapter, new era for this civilization.

I am not trying to promote anything but I just telling you the truth !

If you cannot find any book/document above the level of Bible, Quran then you just cannot end the current global conflict !

For that reason, I am not going to change my decision, my condition to release that important sacred book, document.

It must be released in a neutral nation which I want and also in the way I would like to.
The time and opportunity has gone, so there is absolutely no way for me to write, to share it from my current living place.

But since I do not have any money to travel and also want to “challenge” the rest of this civlization, so I am looking for “donation” or “sponsor” to help me solve the travel financial issue.

If you ask the real “price” of my sacred book document then it must trillions but I am not asking for any “price” money for that document, but I just requesting some money to cover my travel and new equipment expense.

The amount is from 10,000 USD/Euro to 20,000 USD/Euro (Ten thousands to twenty thousands dollar/euros).

If you want to truly end the current world war conflict and want to enter new era on Earth then you should really support me.

Even the option to meet with any official government or any big clan, organization, royal families is also open. But I do not think it is important since the amount of money which I am asking is not big at all and the objective goal is the new solution, new information that “clever enough” to satisfy all entities.

You can send me support, make donation to me via either cryptocurrency or bank transfer (including fast money transfer).

For Cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin BTC:

bc1qn3hqhwsnr69q9mxxakrspfdyyyww3vvdxs7m5c .

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Bc1qk82evkqe52nvfs2jmv359x9fw3s5dajps6fyl5 .

Bc1qe03pz6l0supm44hls05sjt0eupq2n6fx9cwvw2 .

Ethereum ETH:

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Litecoin LTC:

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BitcoinCash BCH:

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eCash XEC:

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For Bank Transfer: contact me directly to receiving bank account information or personal information for fast money transfer.

You can find my personal communication contact info very easy too since I have shared it already.

I will wait for the next 5-7 days. So the ultimate deadline to save this civilization is August 28th 2023 to August 30th 2023.
This is the last opportunity for all the elites, leaders, controllers and this civilization.

I am not threatening any entities but my super power friends are all waiting my decision to act, whether they can cause more war, chaos, disaster or not it is not my business. Because I am the God of Intelligence, not the God of Super Abilities Power (I can active those ability easily too but then I won’t able allowed to help this mortal human affair anymore since I won’t able find desire motivation).

I would not need to ask above donation if not because of some corrupt entities who was attacking me last 3 years or so. I just do not want any entities can take advantage of my works. I want it be live stream writting, releasing !

Because there is no contest, competition => Thus I cannot display full of my ability, power yet !
My hint is that my sacred book document information will based on some of my information I have shared before (but not yet package into a complete book/document to help others to truly understand the correct strategy, vision).
So it will include many things from economic, trade war to human evolution. But it mostly designed for top human management department but not for the useless eaters public people.

Send me any support if you can.

I am not fear of facing, meeting any beings, entities face to face in-person.

Question, ask, talk to me if you desire to end the current stupid world ugly conflict.

Send, forward this article, video, information to all nations, all government, all groups to increase the chance of ending world conflict !

Best Regard,
The Living Buddha Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ

P/S: Because this is sacred document book, thus I am not going to share it for free online but I prefer to meet/talk directly with officials instead.
It will give you hidden power, it will increase your intelligence !

I prefer to have enough money to travel to my desired place to write, to share that sacred important document.

Here is the expense break down:

  • $2000 for new laptop, phone for live stream, recording.
  • $2000 for transportation such as plane, train, car
  • $4000 for hotel, resorts (for about 7-10 days).
  • $1000 for foods, drinks.
    And few more thousands to pass any potential security check by the border guard, police for the trip.

I am not going to sharing any hint online unless receiving some amount of donation in advanced.

I would love to join/compete in any secret contest, battle, competition but sadly no any big entities willing to hold that vision, solution contest to end the current world conflict !

I am not going to change my decision no matter what happen next.
The maximum things I can do is sharing a few important keywords and some initial steps of the grand strategy/vision (but only if I receive some decent amount of donation).

I was so fuking close to have that “complete cure solution” to end the COVID PANDEMIC few years ago already.
If not because of some corrupt beings entities who was attacked my relative family members and my personal energy field then I would able to finish everything all and for once already !

Very soon you guys will know it.
All of my previous attempt/works are still exist on the internet.

The cure will be very simple but extremely effective !

I want revenge !
I want all the world military come and take down all that corrupt beings entities in advanced !

It is now whether you guys want to full blow nuclear war which will kill many millions people or gather behind me to destroy all that corrupt beings entities in the nation which I am currently living in
I am not going to change that decision.

It is beyond all kind of any anger, desperation emotion which money cannot buy !

The only reason I able to find that complete cure solution now is because I have able to detected all that corrupt beings entities and say no more to any kind of energy manipulation !

It is either full blown destruction or the 7th seal full broken, there is no any other option !

The 3rd Temple of Jerusalem new information (how it will being built) also will be revealed in this sacred document as well.

It is a full completion !