I Will Share My Special Book “Understand Game Of Life Completely” To Worthy People

I Will Share My Special Book “Understand Game Of Life Completely” To Worthy People

What is the real game of life mean?
How many of you have fully understand it?

The truth is very little and not anyone.
The fact is that there is absolutely no book or guide that help people truly understand real life.

I was given opportunity to top GOV, big groups but they refused to talk, to contact, to support me so I have decided to give up and disconnect with the rest of this society soon.
Before that, I want to share my special book “Understand Game Of Life Completely” to worthy people so they can become better people (smarter player in this brutal life on Earth).

If you ask why I do not post and share this book in this post immediately then my answer is because law of karma, law of energy.

Who are the worthy people?
The one who either make request/ask me and/or make any amount of donation (no matter how big or small one).
That is the “connection energy”.

The book will be very special and unlike any other books that already exist because it was written by me a very high level beings (above mortal humans) if not the best player you can found on this brutal life on Earth.

The book will tell and reveal you many secret, hidden rule of life in the society, the affair between human, nations, environment, planet Earth, etc. in modern language and with many easy example to help you can easy to understand.
It will be a very interesting one for sure.

You can send me support, make donation to me via either cryptocurrency or bank transfer (including fast money transfer).
For Cryptocurrency:
Bitcoin BTC:
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For Bank Transfer: contact me directly to receiving bank account information or personal information for fast money transfer.
All of my contact information is open and will available for the next 5 days including phone number or email or instant messenger.

For personal contact, you can send me email to bodhiudumbara [at] outlook [.] [com or to my other working email talk [at] ascensionjoy [.] com
or in matrix.org channel humangod or via telegram, discord, signal, etc. (can found on my personal website blog).

I will only accept request for the next 5 days or so.

Depend on the request and amount of donation, I will decide later whether share that book publicly or not latter.
But for now I only share it privately.

Feel free to ask, talk, contact to me.

Best Regard,
The Messiah Buddha