I The Messiah Want To Trade The Guaranteed Working Solution End The Global Chaos

I The Messiah Want To Trade The Guaranteed Working Solution End The Global Chaos

So the world are in super chaos mode with many events like the COVID pandemic, Russia Ukraine war, etc.

It required new unique creative working solution.

I as the real Messiah Buddha have successfully found a guaranteed working solution that able to end those stupid events instantly !

I know the secret of those events at the root and what it take to end those chaos events.

Now I want to trade my hard work, my guaranteed working solution that able to end the global chaos events such as the COVID Pandemic, Russia Ukraine war, etc.

I have revealed my real personal identity in this mortal world.

I do not know the “price/reward” for my new creative guaranteed working solution.

But I am not going to try to earn any free money that is why I only receive reward/money/wealth if my solution is 100% working.
If it does not work (does not end the COVID pandemic event, the Russia Ukraine war) then I do not receive any money/wealth/reward at all !

I willing to trade via either online and offline in physical person.

I willing to trade with all entities (especially the national governments, royal families or big organizations).

This offer only available for the next 100 hours only (August 30th 2023).

The cost/price/reward will be via discussion for I do not really know either any secret reward or the true cost the working solution that can end the current world chaos.

The working solution here is only the for new issue that exist within last 4 years or so in this civilization, not the old issue exist from many years ago.

If you really want to do trade with me then contact me as soon as possible either via email or phone or any messenger app.

After the deadline August 30th 2023, all will off the table for I am going to waste more time.

Feel free to send, share this offer opportunity to all beings, entities who you think might interested in.

Best Regard,
The Living Buddha Messiah

P/S: The above offer are super serious.
Do not listen to any shaman or fortune tellers or any beings entities.
My personal energy fields are full of negative and you cannot judge by using feeling or normal method.

Use your common sense of human !

The only way is giving it a try !