I The Messiah Mahdi Buddha Will Share The New Economy War Game Demo If Receive Donation

I The Messiah Mahdi Buddha Will Share The New Economy War Game Demo If Receive Donation

The only way to end the current world chaos events such as the COVID pandemic, Russia Ukraine war, Myanmar war, etc. is replacing it with a new intelligence war, a real global economy war.

I as the Savior Messiah Mahdi Buddha whatever name have found that vision solution.

If it was before (2-3 years ago) then I would have shared in publicly online already but the timeline change, the situation change, my personal feeling emotion dramatic change.

Now I will only share my vision, my wisdom if receive request, energy connection.

I know that my words, my wisdom are above mortal humans and only designed for a very high level entities in this civilization.
So it is just a waste of time, waste of energy to speak to mortal sleepy useless eater mortal human group.

I just want to give this final opportunity to the top high level beings, entities group who are for whatever reasons need to do the hard job of human management.

I can confident to say now I do have the perfect working solution to end all the big global conflicts by using a new real global economy war game.
Here is not any video game but a real game of life !

If any of you interested in knowing about that interesting information then all of you need to do is making a fair amount of donation to me then I will share that sacred information with you.

Like I have said long time before, it is not just only about economy but also about human development evolution as well.

Do you see those useless eaters are behave like animals more and more nowadays ?
That is why a super crazy strategy need to be used !

I have few versions for that global economic from the quick demo version to the full details.

Depend on the amount of donation and my feeling then I choose the version and amount of information will share with you.

It is a real natural game of life, not fake game like the COVID pandemic or Ukraine Russia war.

The deadline is for the next 72 hours or so.

The information will be only being used for read only, not allowed to be implemented in real life for sensitive reason (it would take much more serious time to rethink everything before have the final version that can implement in real physical life).

But for now any fair amount of donation would do the job.
I will share the demo version.

Then you will realize and understand what I am talking about and the real reason I was called as the King of the Kings and Lord of the Lords in many ancient scripture.

You can send me support, make donation to me via either cryptocurrency or bank transfer (including fast money transfer).
For Cryptocurrency:
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For Bank Transfer: contact me directly to receiving bank account information or personal information for fast money transfer.
All of my contact information is open and will available for the next 3 days including phone number or email or instant messenger.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha