I The Messiah Mahdi Buddha Want A Talk With Royal Families, Ancient Tribes, Referees

I The Messiah Mahdi Buddha Want A Talk With Royal Families, Ancient Tribes, Referees

I am the real Savior legend Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Saoshyant (whatever names) you guys gals are all waiting for.

Now I have successfully collect all the necessary puzzles in this grand mortal society, thus I able to craft the new creative working solution, the big vision for the future of this society for the next many hundreds if not thousands years to come.

I just want to do it right before official disappear by giving this final offer and opportunity to all the beings, entities who are really waiting me the Savior Legend(or more correctly is my vision, my information).

I am confident that my vision are big enough to save this collapsing society.
I am confident that my new creative idea can convene the low level mortal human mindset to stop wars and heading to the better future.

That is the reason I want a real talk with big entities such as the royal families, ancient tribes, referees group, top governments and big organizations who are interested in listening to new idea, new vision for the future of this civilization.

I do not know whether or not they even allowed to meet or to talk with me (for there could be some kind of restrictions) but I still calling all of them.

I am going to share a lot of information such as:
– How to end the global pandemic, weapon war.
– The reunification of the South Korea, North Korea or China, Taiwan, etc.
– The 3rd temple in Jerusalem.
– How the new world economic system should be.
– How to manage the useless public eaters people.
– And a lot of other stuffs depend on the listener, situation.

If you ask why I do not share it online for free then my answer is because: – There are too much bad corrupt low level beings entities who can take advantage of my knowledge wisdom to deceive others.

– I do not receive enough karma (money wealth) from the rest of this society thus do not have desire, motivation to do.

– The real savior not going to appear like Jesus or Gautama Buddha to talk with the public people but only have duty to help other nations, people through via private route/talk with top government officials or the referee group.

I am willing to meet/talk with most of beings entities who want to know my vision, my solution (except the corrupt beings entities who attacked me directly and indirectly last few years).

I can pretty much willing able to travel to all locations on Earth for the meeting but prefer some neutral nations or in real royal palace.

This offer do not have the fixed deadline but a flexible deadline one.
When I official off/disconnect with the internet then this invitation, this offer will also end.
The time is very soon, could be next few days to several days (I am not sure yet).

I do not know who is truly waiting me or waiting for my wisdom information so I am just trying and giving this invitation online to all beings entities who truly want a better future for this society.

It is risk free to meet me for I will always come and meet alone by myself (whether any high level about mortal humans follow me or not I cannot sure).

This is your final chance, opportunity to meet with me the real Savior Legend.

I just want to full fill the prophecies !

Feel free to send this invitation, offer to all beings entities !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Saoshyant