Try To Be Independent Lonely To Evolve, To Help The Society

Try To Be Independent Lonely To Evolve, To Help The Society

If you want to evolve to higher level then you must become truly independent and be lonely. That is the moment when you will discover the secret of life and really be you.

When you in any kind of group team organization, you no longer have the divine power of God.

In this current chaos society, most of them come from so call “special group interested” which controlled by just few beings persons only.
Without that group interested you do not have corruption in government because people will freely report, to compete with each others without mercy.

So if you really want to help yourself and help the society become better then I high recommend you stay away from all kind of group team organization and try to become independence, be lonely as much as possible. Do not fear, do not afraid of any entities !

You cannot become immortal beings and know the secret of eternal God if you still live like animal lifestyle, that is the fact of life !

You only live once so be brave, the sooner you change the better !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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