The Real Identity Of Me The Savior Messiah Buddha

The Real Identity Of Me The Savior Messiah Buddha

I have been online and tried to help assist this civilization for quite a long time but not yet reveal my real identity in this mortal realm.

So now before truly disconnect with all of you then I will reveal my real identity officially.

The reasons are many corrupt beings, entities was and are trying to deceiving many others under my identification. Not only that I also want all the top world military, royal families, referee group come to check to verify what the information I have talked about everything.
I also want to claimed all of my works, my visions, my ideas, my projects with this identification as well. So if any of you want to either obtain the permission then you must contact me in real physical face to face person.

There is big possibility that they only want to believe in real person and meet see in real life but not the digital platform.

Here is the official real identity of me the real Savior Messiah Buddha legend from many ancient prophecies:
– My current national government document name is Bui Van xxx.
– You can find my real face picture on the internet with the keyword “FIFAKILLER WCG 2008 Vietnam, FIFA Soccer, FIFA Online 2”.

Some of my picture back in the day (with blur):

Now I still pretty much the same so you will able to verify those pictures when meet me in real physical person.

Because many years ago 11 – 14 years ago, I was a professional gamer with couple of championship titles in my region/nation.
Many people have met, saw, played, competed with me back in that old fun great day.

The current Internet Service Provider (ISP) from VNPT which I am using to post this article are registered under my name.

My mobile phone number is which I used to registered email and rent hosting for also belongs to me.

I do not want to publish that phone number here because for there are too many corrupt bad entities out there. If you want to contact me via real phone number then you should contact me first via any platform in the internet.

I do not trust anyone in this world and do not have any agency or middle man. So if you want to obtain anything from me even just some words, you MUST contact me in FACE TO FACE person, there are too many fake things out there which can’t be trust.

Everything can be manipulated but the voice, the face, the words, the way of talking, interacting cannot be faked, cannot be copied for that is what make the difference between each beings.

I will gone and fully disconnect with this society and civilization soon.
So I hope this article will be like a farewell message.

Of course there is a small chance I will either receive donation or contact or investment but I do not care much now since my feeling, my spirit, my desire no longer exist to do anything in this society.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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