The Official Savior Messiah Buddha’s Mobile Phone Number 

The Official Savior Messiah Buddha’s Mobile Phone Number

I have revealed my real identify in this mortal realm world so there is no reason for my to hide my real mobile phone number anymore.

Although I barely use this mobile phone number but I will check everyday from now, at least for the next couple of days.

My mobile phone number is: +84 888 0 hai hai 47 zero .

I am using Telegram, Signal, Viber app.
You can also able to contact me directly with traditional SMS as well.

By revealing my real direct mobile phone number (which I have verified and registered with my real identification national document ID) means I wiling to talk with all beings, entities around the world from any location of this mortal society civilization.

I don’t care how powerful you are because in one on one battle I do not have any opponent can “match” my eternal power !

If you are seriously in either want to gain personal power knowledge wisdom or just want to save this society/civilization, then you must contact me directly as soon as possible because I am the only one can truly give the sacred information.

It is completely free to talk to me.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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