Some Updates On That Sacred Society Solution Cure Document

Some Updates On That Sacred Society Solution Cure Document

Yesterday I have revealed the conditions of how I will release the divine solution to end world chaos and open new era on Earth.

Today, I have some updates:
– The location won’t change, it must be in a neutral nation so all sides can come to witness.

– Since there are 2 parts of the document so I could release the first half first and the second half later.
So instead of $70,000 USD for whole travelling, now I only need $25,000 USD for travelling to release the first half of the document. But then I won’t able to travel to European countries but can only travel to Asia nations.

The document will explain the “loophole”, the “bug” of the current society system which all “players” and nations are facing. Then I will give the divine solution that will satisfy all the players/nations (except the corrupt players who are abusing the bugs and do not want to change).

If guys do not believe me then I can put the new digital social media platform vision/idea on the table. If I do not keep my promise of releasing then you guys can take that.
And whether for $25,000 or $70,000 USD, it still too cheap for those ideas , visions in general. I do believe my new social media platform would cost at least 10 million USD/Euro.

If everything go smoothly and I have enough funds to travel to my desire location then I will probably release the long waiting divine document to end world chaos in July or August 2023.

If you and your group really want end world chaos then you should send me your support and assistance as soon as possible.

Once I gone offline or after certain time frame, I will raise the releasing conditions to much higher and harder.
Now I still give equal opportunity to all type of beings groups entities no matter how “good” or “bad” they are.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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