If Do Not Receive Support Next 120 Hours , My Conditions To Save This World Will Raise

If Do Not Receive Support Next 120 Hours , My Conditions To Save This World Will Raise

I still have too many mercy with all of you that is why my releasing condition of the divine sacred documents that will end the on going world conflicts, open new era on Earth are way too low.

I do not have much time and patience left.
So for the 120 hours from now, if I do not receive enough support so I can have the conditions requirement to release that divine sacred document for this civilization then I will raise the bar to much higher.

And here will be the new conditions after the next 120 hours (if I do not receive enough support):
– All beings entities who was attacked me directly and indirectly must forever gone, vanished.

– All the beings entities who was support the fake pandemic must forever gone and vanished.

– All beings entities who can support assist me financially must forever gone, vanished.

– My mood, my feelings must be truly good (here could be anything from upfront money to personal situation, etc.)

So basically the conditions will be off the chart and will pretty much require all world military rally gather support behind me in that conditions.

I am not joke but very serious about my words.

Now I still keep my anger inside my body but will release if my conditions do not met.

Because there many beings entities who are talk good and want to “solve” the world conflicts but only maybe via lying words but not through actions.

The super gods super entities are all gather behind me already and only waiting for my final decision.

If you was a bad corrupt entity then you still have a chance to save yourself within the next 120 hours.

My current requirement are way too low.

So from revealing my true identification in this world to give an easy offer, opportunity to all entities in an equal fair way. There is nothing more I can do to help this civilization anymore.

Feel free to send share this message to all your friends, group, team, entities.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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