I The Savior Messiah Buddha Will Only Receive Talk, Request, Donation Till July 7th 2023

I The Savior Messiah Buddha Will Only Receive Talk, Request, Donation Till July 7th 2023

My patience have reached the limit.
If nobody, no any entities want to save this society, this civilization then there is no reason for me to continue hope and try.

I as the real Savior Messiah Buddha legend from many ancient prophecies have made my final decision: I will only receive talk contact, request and donation till July 7th 2023 (07/07/2023).

I have put everything on the table including my real personal identity in this mortal world (which you can verify with just a few click on search engine because I used to be a professional gamer with some archivement in that past where many people already met, saw, play with me many years ago when I was still a young kid).

I have also put many offer, books, projects, information on the table for all beings entities to see, too read, to invest.

With my current personal situation, there is absolutely no chance for me to release the public cure to the society because there is no real listerner.
And I also cannot start and do any new project due to lack of desire, motivation and finance.

With the current pace and my personal situation, I will go full offline mode and disconnection with this entire civilization after the date July 7th 2023 (07/07/2023).

So if you either want to know, to gain, to request about anything related to my projects, my books, my offer, my solution for either personal evolution or how to end world chaos, civilization future strategy vision, etc. then please do it before July 7th 2023 (07/07/2023).

If you really want to support assist me, then you should contact talk with me or invest in my projects or obtain my books.

Feel free to share this final message to all beings, groups, entities.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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