I The Savior Messiah Buddha Do Not Support Vietnam Regime So Take Away Divine Gemstone 

I The Savior Messiah Buddha Do Not Support Vietnam Regime So Take Away Divine Gemstone

If you need a single entity to blame for world chaos then you must pick the corrupt Vietnam Government and their regime.

They do not want world peace, they only want their selfish gain for themselves but not for this entire world !

I as the real Savior Messiah Buddha no longer support the Vietnam Government and that regime for many reasons especially their secret attacking to me and my relative family members last few years.

As the result, I am calling the Divine Heaven team take away that secret heaven gemstone(s), also the world military must join forces and destroy that corrupt government and any entities who support behind them.

I also have decide not going to release any significant information when I still staying in that Vietnam nation. Including the books, the divine world peace secret information solution or any kind of big world changing project.

The West must stop war and listen to any liars from Vietnam. The truth is that because I am still living in Vietnam that’s why their corrupt entity can deceive you guys via take advantage of me.
Once I move out of that nation or stop everything, then you will see and know their true low power level.

Very disappointed with all the corrupt beings, entities with animal mindset.

All the super Gods Deities and world military must come and destroy the corrupt Vietnamese regime if you want world peace or at least the working solution to end current world conflicts.

Only me the real Savior Messiah Buddha can provide the divine information and solution.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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