How To Become God, Active Super Ability Power, Become Immortal Guide Could Appear Soon

How To Become God, Active Super Ability Power, Become Immortal Guide Could Appear Soon

There are only 2 things that matter: it is either macro strategy to this entire world or individual person beings benefits.

I am keeping this for the very last moment.
The divine document which I will reveal if my releasing conditions met will have both of those things.

The first half will about macro strategy for new world system with brand new vision, new model, new ideas.

While the second half will about micro wisdom that related to personal evolution.

The only things left that can really save this world from the top are personal individual power.

I will reveal and give you the full guide tutorial of:
– How to become God.
– How to active super power, super abilities.
– How to become immortal beings in the eternal world (not only physical but also about spiritual realm).
– How you should act, do, live.
– The forbidden history of “Gods realms” and the downfall reason.
– A lot of other things that never been shared before either via me or via any other beings entities.

But it will depend on the situation overall of me and myself.
Depend on the outcome and what the rest of this society support me then I will decide which information and how much I will share/reveal with you.

One thing for sure is that I DO have all the information to satisfy all top secret controllers now matter whether they are Gods super beings or just normal mortal human beings, whether macro or micro, I have it all.

This is the best hint I can give you guys.

There is a reason why I only reveal my identity in this last final moment along with the divine document. Because I am 200% sure and have full confident in myself with my not yet shared information.

Now it is up to all of you.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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