All Video Games Should Add This New “Happy Ending” Feature Mode For Better Society 

All Video Games Should Add This New “Happy Ending” Feature Mode For Better Society

This ideas, strategy belongs to me the Savior Messiah Buddha because I am the one who crafted this. If any beings, group, company, entity want to use it please seek my permission directly.

Video games are not great in general for most of the people, a lot of people addict many video games and that is very bad for the society in general except the game developer/company.

In some nation, the national government have rules of how many hours a player can play per day. But that is the “forced” absolute orders and I do not like it at all.

There is an new alternative is my new “Happy Ending” feature mode.
I have this idea long time ago already but not share yet.

The working mechanism overall of my “Happy Ending” feature/mode are:
– Player will allow choose the “Happy Ending” mode at free will.
– Player will unable to continue play any more match after his/her last win after the selection.
– Player account will be locked for certain time (depend on the selection).
Could be 12 hours or 24 hours or 48 hours or 7 days or 30 days, etc.

There could be 2 options mode here:
– All players who select this “Happy Ending” feature/mode will be in a same room/match. No ranking match in general.
– Apply only to each individual player only. All the ranking match still apply.

By having this type of feature/mode, there are a lot of benefits:
– Player(s) can be “happy” before the break or the sleep.
– Give people a specific objective, encourage people spend less time on video games.
– Secret remind people that “what matter most is the final win, not the endless losses before”.
– Help the society become much more better.

That is my great idea to help the society but I do not think video games company will like it for all they are is the money profit.

But all national governments can “force”, can make law to add this new “Happy Ending” feature/mode to all online game very easy no matter whether they are from the East or West since it is volunteer for players.

Well, how much my “Happy Ending” video game feature mode should be worth?
How much money I deserve to received for this great vision?
I do not know.

But if you guys want to use this idea, please contact me directly to seek the special permission.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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