Understand The Situation And What It Take To End World Chaos

Understand The Situation And What It Take To End World Chaos

The current world situation are very complex and it required a not only one single new idea or vision but a set of many joint together.

There are too many issues because of each beings entities have different ideology about life.

Here are the truth:
– You must fully understand both physical and spiritual world to the highest level.
– You must know the history last 10,000 years of this civilization.
– You must know, understand all the industries at collective level. From old agriculture to modern technology, from religions to human management, etc.
– Your mindset not only have “remember” ability but also the creative ability as well.
– You must explain your new vision, idea to satisfy both the high level beings and low level beings at the same time. Here are including the referee group, national government, royal families, powerful public and private organizations, etc.

That is the MUST general condition.
That is the normal understanding.

If looking from a video game developer then you have:
The current mortal game are outdated but you are required to make new big features to make it more interesting but all old features are still remain.

The truth is that even if you know how to live to 1000 years then that still not enough to solve the world conflict !
That example is just show you how hard complex situation of this current society right now !

The good news is that I as the real Savior Messiah Buddha have successfully found a perfect solution not long time ago.
The bad news is that I no longer have any desire, motivation left to reveal it since top beings, entities do not want to hear it at all.

From my personal experience since I was born till now, the corruption level of this world are off the chart and through the roof to the point that even if I share my solution to end world chaos online then it will be 100% got stolen for sure.

I must play the rule of this mortal society world, I cannot follow the stupid Universe world.

For all the reasons combine together, I will only reveal that divine sacred solution to end world chaos if my conditions are met.
Otherwise, there is absolutely no chance !

And my requirement condition is beyond finance, wealth !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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