The Working Solution For China vs Taiwan, North Korea vs South Korea Must Be The Same

The Working Solution For China vs Taiwan, North Korea vs South Korea Must Be The Same

I was follow my ultra instinct for a long time and the result I am receiving at the moment is that “the key to end all world conflict” are the perfect working solution for the conflict between China vs Taiwan, North Korea vs South Korea.

I have tried all kind of things, spent all of my of money to connect, to understand this world chaos for last couple of years.

All the pandemic, Russia Ukraine war or politics war are just the illusion !
The real root issue of this human conflicts in this civilization are the official reunification of China vs Taiwan, North Korea vs South Korea.

Unless this society found a perfect working solution for those issue that must get accepted by those people naturally (both public and private).
Otherwise, this civilization will 100% heading to nuclear deadly war !

Last few days I have tried to understand this whole things, craft a new solution that normal people can understand and willing to accept and I have successfully found one !

But due to the sensitive of the information, I cannot share it right now for many reasons.

I will share that perfect solution if either:
– In physical in-personal meeting with top secret Asian groups, Governments from China, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea.
– In online cyber world if I receive huge amount of donation. Here is the connection energy with this civilization.

My hint is that solution will not only able to solve the issue in that region but also in many other parts of this world.

But sadly, nobody no entities willing to talk, to meet, to check, to verify mine to see whether I am the real Savior or not.

How much money worth for world peace?
Well sadly most people do not understand and top group/entities do not think it worth any money.

Do not waste time on illusion issue like the media are telling you, focus on the root problem to have the victory !

Only the real leader that above all the current Kings, Queens, President, Prime Minister, etc. can found and know this godlike strategy !

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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