The Project AscensionJoy Will Completely Close After June 15th 2023

The Project AscensionJoy Will Completely Close After June 15th 2023

After trying to help, assist this society/civilization with new idea, new vision, new book, new creations for last 6 months or so, the result I am receiving is very negative.
I did not receive any deal or investment from any entities for any of my great content, information, visions, ideas.

I was trying to send, contact to with many hundreds different entities/groups/beings but nobody seem care about this society, nobody want to invest in me and great projects, nobody want to save this society from destruction.

Without real support from the rest of this society via neutral connection called as “money”, I just do not have any desire/motivation to continue to do anything.
Just like many great high level beings who are living in Himalaya Mountain regions (they did not want to help/assist this modern civilization not because of they could not but they just do not find any desire, motivation to do so).

Despite of the fact I still have a lot of great content, information, knowledge, wisdom could share with this society and many beings will receive great benefits if able to read/know my words, I have decide to stop everything.

Unless I receive big investment between now and June 15th 2023 to give me some kind of motivation to help assist this society, otherwise I am the Savior will completely close the project AscensionJoy and I also disconnect with this society for at least couple of weeks/months if not forever.

After my departure, I think many super deities/gods will come and destroy the rest of the remaining beings/entities without mercy for the only beings have enough power and capabilities to “save” this entire civilization is already gone.

The deadline is June 15th 2023.

I am very sad, despair, disappointed and really want to go suicide (want to shut down all of connection with most people in this society especially the stupid so called controllers). I will go and do like Gautama Buddha did very soon.
My desire is total gone.

Best Regard,
Ascension Joy The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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