Only My Big Vision, New Unique Ideology Can Save This World From Destruction

Only My Big Vision, New Unique Ideology Can Save This World From Destruction

What are the world main problem?

Well it is up to each people understanding.

To me for a very long time, it is about human ascension evolution.
To many others, it is about the global financial system.
But to many top leaders, big organizations it is about land territory conflict.

Now with all the result and events last couple of years, I have come to a conclusion that it is about which problem are the “priority”, thus I have a order, list of world issue:
1. Land territory issue
Such as North Korea vs South Korea, China vs Taiwan, Israel vs Palestine.

2. International financial system

3. Human ascension evolution

I have tried to solve a lot of things but without any help from others so it took me a lot of time to just to understand and have that list above.

I have found all the important necessary information and also craft a new fresh vision, unique ideology about how to society should be in the future.

It will be 100% end 2 biggest problem of this civilization: the land territory and the global monetary system.

You cannot found it via machine technology experiment or in any old text book because it is brand new and unique ideology. But you can only find it via real life experience, hard works.
I can tell you that mortal humans just cannot know the information which I am holding because it is “GOD” category !

I will release it only when I think it is the right time (may not too depend on my personal situation).

If you really want to fasten that release process, please support me as much as possible either via obtain my books or make donation or become neutral messenger with top governments, secret societies, groups.

I am open to talk, to discuss about this issues matters with all top governments, big groups entities but only for the next 1-2 weeks or so because I do not have much time to wait all of you.

Best Regard,
The Savior Ascension Joy

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