If I Open A New Secret Group For Human Ascension Evolution, Would You Join ?

If I Open A New Secret Group For Human Ascension Evolution, Would You Join ?

It seem no any entities want to know the macro solution strategy to end world conflicts but they prefer war chaos.
Which mean plan A is off from me, now it is plan B or plan C only.

So I am thinking of opening a private secret group with purpose of help assist other people to ascend evolve to become better beings.

The topic mostly about human evolution, how to become smarter stronger healthier, understanding life on Earth and the Universe.
I will share many secret information that only the top secret military controllers knew (not allowed to reveal in the public mainstream media).

The group will run based on volunteer donation, no any force payment.

Members are free to join and free to leave.
Members do not receive any “orders” or “command” in this secret group.
This group is more like an online educating class.

It is pointless and just waste of time to follow the mainstream media for gossip news.
It is better to “grow” yourself, to become “Gods” or something like that.

I still not know whether or not start this group.
What the requirement you think are “fair” for new members?
I only want serious member, not the information grabber or spy or anything like that.
Should it require real personal information?

What online platform are great to communicate between member now?

Do you want to support this group?

If any of you interested in this idea then please let me know.

I will gather information and answer any question if have.

Will make decision by the end of this month June 2023.

The Messiah

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